Modern interaction with Microsoft Teams

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Ресурс 61


December 17

10 A.M. GMT+1

Ресурс 61


December 17

10 P.M. GMT+1

with Microsoft Teams

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Ресурс 61


17 грудня


A modern workplace implies an enormous list of tasks and projects that require ongoing solution and instant interaction of employees. Do you manage to track and perform tasks, planning, cooperation and task delegation in a timely and efficient manner?


Microsoft Teams is perfect for solving these tasks and ensures effective team communication with the help of chats, online meetings, calls and web conferences.


On 17th December, Andrii Burlutskyi – an expert in building modern digital workplaces, and Nataliia Pshenychna – Account Executive, will tell about the Microsoft Teams service, a flagship digital revolution product by Microsoft. A corporate platform for cooperation that, as of November 2019, has 20 mln active users per day.

The webinar is designed for users of Microsoft solutions, as well as those who are not using the Microsoft services yet and work on common tasks in project teams or groups.

You will learn how a company can organize a single workspace for collective teamwork on projects and common tasks based on a secure chat for corporate use in the form of online environment, that is with no territorial restrictions and binding employees to offices. Language of the Webinar: English.

The webinar theses:


How to provide a company with the tools for shared access to documents, communication and quick information exchange, increase its productivity and efficiency.


Setting up a perfect individual workspace. Be unique and add your favorite Microsoft applications or third-party services to develop yourself and your team.


Use of Teams for work meetings and webinars. Why you no longer need other services to hold online meetings and webinars.


Chat-based cooperation, security and compliance with requirements, administration and support.


Capabilities of deep integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI, Yammer and third-party services.

After the webinar

You will get practical insights into the capabilities of work groups in Microsoft Teams, properties of product integration with other Office 365 applications and third-party services, as well as learn how to build effective communication in companies of all types and sizes.

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Tips, news and useful articles
in our newsletter!

Olympia 2D,
Hilversum, 1213 NT
Tel.: +31 35 799 4054

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