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How to manage
cases efficiently In

Customer Service App

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How to manage
cases efficiently In

Customer Service App

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    December 24
    12:00, GMT +4

    The importance of regular attraction of new customers is unquestionable. On top of that, companies need to maintain good relationships with consumers and increase their loyalty. To do this, they strive to form a holistic view of their customers and provide the personalized service they expect. Intelligent technologies and tools come to the assistance of business by solving such tasks in a comprehensive and quick manner. 

    Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a customer service automation solution. The module combines the entire experience of interaction between the company and its customers and gives employees access to the information to interact with them. This enables providing a personalized service and optimizing the work with customer cases. 

    On December 24, we invite you to our free webinar “How to Manage Cases Efficiently in Customer Service App”. You will learn: 

    • how to promptly monitor customer requests and problems, 
    • how to control open cases, document resources for their solution, 
    • how to confirm or change customer contact information, 
    • how to create new or share existing information in the knowledge base, 
    • how to view similar or combined requests, 
    • how to update, escalate, assign, adjust and cancel requests, 
    • how to inform the customer about the request solution and plan further work. 

    As a result of the webinar, you will gain a fundamental insight into how to use Dynamics 365 Customer Service to ensure a positive customer experience, instantly respond to requests and provide employees with the necessary tools to solve requests of varying complexity. 

    Webinar agenda:

    The capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service module

    Checking current cases and instant response to new requests

    Creation of a knowledge base for the service team

    Editing customer information

    Case management: update, escalation, regulation, assignment of responsible employees

    Maintaining communication with the customer 24/7 from anywhere in the world


    Nino Makasarashvili

    CRM Consultant,
    SMART business Georgia

    Tinatin Dalakishvili

    CRM Consultant,
    SMART business Georgia


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