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    December 10
    11:00, GMT +1

    Performance development, motivation and support of qualified employees is one of the priorities for a modern business. With the forced transition to remote mode, the issue of employee involvement and the culture of online knowledge sharing has become more acute.

    Remote staff training is a well-known and familiar phenomenon. Especially for companies with offices in different cities, where it is necessary to simultaneously train many employees, regularly test their knowledge or introduce a product line update to them. This approach enables adjusting the process of learning new sales strategies, helps the company maintain market position, and increase profitability.

    In the context of the “new normal”, businesses are adapting the capabilities of the online format for rapid team learning and automating this process by implementing modern Learning Management Systems.

    LMS is a universal system that makes it possible to tailor training to the needs of each employee, analyze achievements, select materials and track progress anywhere, anytime and from any device. The system ensures attentive work with each specialist, monitors the level of their loyalty, the development of individual competencies and gives an understanding of the personal contribution to the overall result of the company.

    On December 10, at the Remote Learning and Motivating Employees during Remote Work webinar, you will learn what the benefits of LMS for your business are, how to start building your own system, how to plan training and prepare content for different groups of employees and make this process interesting and engaging. After all, when you develop a team, it develops your business!

    Webinar agenda

    What LMS is and how it differs from e-learning

    How both employee and the company can benefit from LMS, when to implement it and how

    Skills management and how to relate it to your LMS

    How to create a learning course (stages and things to consider in order to achieve the best results)

    Types of content and which one would suit you best

    Make it fun! Gamification, appreciation, and engagement


    Nataliia Pshenychna

    Account Executive,
    SMART business Netherlands


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