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    December 17
    11:00, GMT +1

    The forced transition to remote mode is revolutionizing the process of attracting talent. Digital adaptation is becoming the future of acclimatization of new employees in the company. 

    The first days at a new job are a challenge for many people. According to iCIMS research, 26% of employees leave a new company if no one is involved in onboarding and training them. Another 44% admitted that, although they did not quit in the first months, they seriously considered doing so. Therefore, today, when companies especially need a strong team that can develop their business in any conditions, employers prioritize the adaptation process. 

    Many are turning to digital adaptation to engage new colleagues and bring all communication to one platform. Organized on modern HCM platforms, Digital Onboarding helps to solve this problem: 

    • simplifies the process of finding and adapting talent; 
    • increases adaptation efficiency with automatic prompts and a streamlined algorithm of actions; 
    • helps to comply with regulatory requirements for personnel management; 
    • increases flexibility and control due to the flow of all processes in online mode; 
    • optimizes resources, minimizes and automates routine processes; 
    • improves the relationship between business and employee and personalizes communications. 

    On December 17, at the Digital Onboarding. Solution for HR: How to Hire Employees Remotely webinar, you will learn how to organize online onboarding, as well as receive hands-on recommendations on automating and building a positive and long-term Employee Experience.  

    Webinar agenda

    Talent acquisition process and where you can simplify it. Challenges of recruiting online

    How to follow the government advice to work from home as much as possible and to onboard new employees remotely

    Which tools can help your new employee to start working autonomously as quickly as possible (mentors, appreciation and gamification)

    How SMART HCM & LMS can help you with digital onboarding, remote learning, and development of your employees

    Self-education for your new or existing employees

    Some tips on how to prevent burn-out during remote work


    Nataliia Pshenychna

    Account Executive,
    SMART business Netherlands


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