Digital Onboarding:
how to hire
employees remotely

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Digital Onboarding:
how to hire
employees remotely

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    May 14th
    2 P.M (GMT+3)

    Onboarding of any employee is a start of new relationships between the whole business and an individual. The dynamics of this process directly affects an employee’s first impression, development of the future working relationships and connection with the company life.

    Digital Onboarding is a new concept in the recruitment field that does not involve offline meetings and constant live communications. It is aimed at improving the efficiency of interaction, saving time and money, increasing satisfaction from the procedure, and strengthening interpersonal relations at the company-employee level.

    Digital onboarding allows to:

    • Reduce the time spent on interviews and processing CVs;
    • Simplify employee adaptation and make it more efficient with automatic prompts, autosaving of documents and phased-out procedure;
    • Increase flexibility of the procedure and improve control level due to having all processes online;
    • Save money by minimizing manual work and automating routine processes;
    • Improve relationship between the business and an employee by paying more attention to a personalized approach to communication.

    The concept continues to gain popularity and becomes more and more relevant every day, and the pace of its development is accelerated in connection with the global transition of companies to remote mode.

    The webinar will cover the following topics:

    Relevance of the digital
    onboarding concept

    Building the whole recruiting cycle
    in the digital format

    Preparing an employee
    to starting work (Day “0”)

    Entering detailed information independently

    Saving documents on an employee in a unified and convenient space

    Onboarding and adaptation 24/7 (employees choose convenient time by themselves)

    Gamification and involvement

    Testing and training
    after the onboarding stage

    Ievgen Belobrov

    Product owner SMART HCM & LMS

    11 years of project management experience in the sphere of implementing CRM and HRM systems in retail, banking, insurance, B2B sales and IT services.


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