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Creation and support
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    May 20th
    2 P.M (GMT+3)

    The situation that every company faces today proves once again that remote learning is no longer a desirable, but a vital element of the modern world. For high-quality performance of work, each employee must clearly understand the existing processes, have a set of necessary skills and knowledge.

    In search of the most effective tool for the development of all team members, most of the HR and L&D specialists have certainly already faced the tasks of preparing online courses, searching for convenient electronic environments and platforms.

    But where to start when there is a need to build your own remote learning system? How not to put the idea on hold after facing the process of creating content and preparing materials?

    Join the webinar to sort out:

    How to audit training materials / programs
    and determine which user groups
    they are suitable for

    How to create content in a format
    convenient for employees

    How to fully delegate each new employee
    to the training system

    How to increase the speed of training
    when a new product line or a new division
    appears in a company

    Saving documents on an employee in a unified and convenient space

    Onboarding and adaptation 24/7 (employees choose convenient time by themselves)

    Gamification and involvement

    Testing and training
    after the onboarding stage

    Ievgen Belobrov

    Product owner SMART HCM & LMS

    11 years of project management experience in the sphere of implementing CRM and HRM systems in retail, banking, insurance, B2B sales and IT services.


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