Project management courses

  • Comprehensive approach to achieving the goals set

    Project management is an area of activity during which clear project goals are defined and achieved while balancing between the scope of work, resources (such as money, labor, materials, energy, space, etc.), time, quality and risks.

  • project-manager

Select trainings from the following areas

SMART business offers company leaders to take project management courses to gain skills in setting up business processes and allocating company resources. Project management courses are taught by experienced professionals, including representatives of PMI (school of professional management).

Each of our students receives the necessary knowledge for the competent development of a business strategy, and in addition, we teach how to optimize workflows as much as possible using Microsoft tools.

We offer project managers to take poject management courses and seminars with an emphasis on the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology. This technology allows you to achieve your goals faster, because in essence it is a competent division of work into several stages using the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Project management courses for managers are divided into several levels. As part of the training, we consider theory and simulate specific situations that will allow students to try themselves as project managers and learn how to cope with any tasks in the shortest possible time.