Microsoft Dynamics courses

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible and powerful enterprise resource management (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that helps you increase productivity and open up new opportunities for growing your business.

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If you know about Dynamics and want to improve the efficiency of business management using 21st century technologies, we invite you to attend Microsoft Dynamics courses.

Dynamics is a professional environment for company executives for competent cost/monthly profit accounting, communication with customers and creating a promotion strategy based on data analysis. The capabilities of Dynamics depend purely on the skills of working with the program. Microsoft Dynamics courses are conducted by professionals who took part in the development of CRM systems and know better than anyone else about all the secrets of working with the Microsoft service.

In order to learn how to work with CRM as simply and effectively as possible, we have divided Microsoft Dynamics courses into several stages. By taking the course, you will learn how to install and deploy the Dynamics system professionally, quickly add functionality and customize the CRM strictly to the requirements of the company.

You will also be shown with real examples how to use Dynamics to keep track of customer transactions (for the sales department), create tools for a monthly report (accounting) and analyze changes in the market (this function is required for the advertising department). Microsoft Dynamics courses will train your consultants and support team to quickly and efficiently implement the necessary tools that help your company grow!