Strategies. Challenges. Programs. Projects. Management environment

  • About the training

    The modern approach to business management implies the fastest and most efficient transition from ideas to their implementation, from strategies and goals to actions, from challenges to their solutions. At the same time, both the transition tools themselves and the management environment in which goals and strategies “materialize” and problems are solved become crucial.

    Understanding and ability to use the key tools for managing strategies and problems, programs and projects as tools for achieving goals and solving problems, a portfolio as a consolidated way to manage any initiatives, as well as understanding and creating a company management environment in which all these processes are performed, are keys to effectively achieve the goals of the organization.

    The “Strategy. Challenges. Programs. Projects. Management Environment” course gives a holistic understanding of the end-to-end process of conscious management of actions for strategic goal setting, problem management, development of initiatives, formation of programs and projects as tools for implementing initiatives, managing a portfolio of all initiatives, as well as creating an environment within the organization in which this management becomes possible and effective.

    Who might be interested in the course

    Owners and managers of companies of any level, as well as employees involved in the development and implementation of strategies and goal setting, program and portfolio managers, managers and employees of organizations systematically involved in problem solving.


    This course consists of 3 lessons of 7 hours in a training format.

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Strategic management

  • Management cycle
  • Tools

Problem solving

  • Management cycle
  • Problem types

Goal setting

  • Goal decomposition
  • Formation of KPIs
  • Activity (initiative) formation processes

Project Management Processes

  • Elements of project management in an organization
  • Project portfolio management
  • Program management
  • Project management

Modern organization management environment

  • Types of organizations and management cultures
  • Factors for effective management of organizations
  • Business processes of organizations
  • IT tools for managing strategy, projects and processes
  • Organization maturity models

Course content (theory/practice): 60/40


Vlad Berezin – PMP, Six Sigma Green Belt, practicing project, program and portfolio manager, consultant with over 15 years of experience in project management.